Outback Australia

Two mates from Newcastle-upon-Tyne embark on a 6400km journey across the continent of Australia in just 7 days.

Travelling in our 20 year old car we decided to take the route less travelled, which is less travelled for good reason - this route involves over 2000km of dirt roads through the Australian Outback.

Fuel stations are 400km apart and wrecked cars litter the sides of the roads, acting as a warning to those who aren't prepared for what's to come.

Travel with us and see the incredible wildlife, scenery and stars of Outback Australia...

Newcastle Film Festival

Best Short Film Selection

We're incredibly proud that Outback Australia was chosen as an official selection in the Best Short Film Category of the inaugural Newcastle Film Festival.

It was great to see our film presented on the big screen and to have so many friends and family attend the screening.

Photographic Prints

The Route

James & Josh

Josh Maidwell

Josh Maidwell